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Saccomano Academics 2014-2015 School Year:
All information, registration, billing and scheduling policies are posted within our website. If you prefer to not navigate through our website, you can complete our Inquiry Form  and we will email you direct links and information for the  academic support specified.
The Saccomano Academic Center provides an array of support for students attending the area's public and private schools. We have superb private instruction for most subjects by dedicated, proven educators. A majority of our staff are retired teachers who enjoy and value the quality that one-to-one instruction provides.
With our close proximity to Cherry Creek High School, we have found that students who take difficult classes benefit greatly from a regular schedule of supportive curriculum classes. We have developed SaccoMath and SaccoScience Club to add support and help master some of Creek's most difficult classes. 


SINGLE PRIVATE SESSION APPOINTMENTS: Single session appointments may be scheduled as needed and are subject to availability. You can view our online scheduler directly and book available appointments up to one week in advance. Payment is required at the time of making the appointment.

ONGOING INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT PROGRAMS: Private weekly sessions for the specified subject are offered to support a student throughout the school year. To ensure placement, we encourage students to schedule early in the semester. Please view individual instructor's biographies to request appointment slots by clicking on  Meet Our Staff. 
Private Instruction: ($70 - $90 per 55 minute session) Individual subject support for the student who wants to optimize her/his education experience. Subjects offered: English, History, Science, French, Spanish and Math.
Shared Reserved Lesson: (55 minute session: 2 students, $45 per student; 3 students, $30 per student ) Two or three students who have the same class and teacher can share the cost of a weekly lesson. Students are responsible for providing their class syllabus and other pertinent materials for onging sessions. Arrangements must be made in advance with our office manager.

Weekly group sessions for specific math and science subjects are designed to support a Cherry Creek High School student throughout the year. Our group rates are $45 per 1.5 hour class. Discounted package rates are available and outlined on our registration forms. You can view our group schedules and access online registration forms by clicking on the specific program of interest below. 

SaccoMath Club: A program that meets regularly to take each basic quiz/test cycle and outlines problems in a logical narrative process. Students gain mastery of the standard types of problems for the section. These sessions are offered for accelerated and honors math classes.

SaccoScience Club:  A weekly group session that offers support throughout the school year for AP Biology, Biology Honors and Chemistry Honors. Power Point presentations, practice tests, working keys and a smaller teacher-to-student ratio are significant components of the program.

ACT Test Prep Sessions: Our program allows students to schedule only those sessions needed based on previous test results or a diagnostic test. We offer several sessions throughout the year to accommodate students' busy schedules.

We post a monthly, concise set of tips for students and parents to use as a reference for:
  • Time management: Prioritizing schoolwork, athletics, the arts and activities, clubs, and personal time.
  • How to build confidence and take responsibility for one’s own education.
  • Pacing the academic school year: Preparing effectively for what lies ahead.
  • Gaining fluency with the fundamentals indigenous to each class in a student’s schedule.
  • Moving from familiarity to understanding. Knowing your strengths, interests, passions and finding your element.
  • Developing positive relationships within the school community.

Company Information:
Location: 8933 E. Union Ave., Suite 206, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. All instruction occurs at our location in the Union Exchange Building. We are across the street from the administrative offices for the CCSD. Our Math Center is on the main retail level. Private and group instruction for all other subjects in addition to the main office are on the second level above Yogurt Yuphoria.
Hours of Operation: 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday by appointment only. Our calendar coincides with the CCHS Academic Calendar with the exception of not being open for instruction the week after mid-winter, Semester I finals. We are closed the day before Cherry Creek High School does not operate on an 8 period day as well as those days the CCSD adheres to their Storm Schedule.
Contact: Due to the large volume of students with whom we work, the most effective mode of communication is via email as well as the scheduling and payment utilities in our website. 
Email: or submit "Inquiry Form"
Phone: 720.489.0275  and Fax: 866-689-9341